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Sidhi Kripa Real Estate Pvt. Ltd

4/491, Second Floor, Vibhav Khand

Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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About Siddhi kripa -

Siddhi Kripa Real Estate Pvt. Ltd." Is well known branded company in the field of real estate, housing and housing development etc, which brand name is "Siddhi Kripa".

The company "Siddhi Kripa Real Estate Pvt. Ltd." has been incorporate with government of India under 'Indian Company Act 1956' and 'Company Act 2013'. Its head office is situated in UTTAR PRADESH

To purchase, sell, own, manage, improve, develop, let, mortgage, assign, hire or otherwise acquire and/or sell of any type of land or properties of any tenure or interest there in and to erect and construct houses, multi storey building or any structure of every description including commercial, residential, farm houses, group housing, flats, estate, colonies, township and civil works of every description, rebuilds, enlarge, alter and improve existing houses, building and works there on and to convert and appropriate any such land into road, street, gardens and other conveniences and generally to act as real estate developers, builders, colonizers, contractors, planners and agent in India or abroad.

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